Lowering Hypertension with Hijama Therapy

If you have hypertension or High Blood Pressure, you could lower the blood pressure to normal in just a month with Hijama therapy. I have done it hundreds of times since 2010, alhamdulillah.

You might not believe it, but if you learn Physics and use ti inflate tires with air pressure gauge, you will know it is possible to lower high blood pressure into normal. 120 / 80 or less.

Hijama therapy is removing dirty toxic excessive blood from your body. The volume of the blood removed from the body is around 100 cc to 200 cc. When the volume of the blood is decreased, the blood pressure will be lower. It is just like you inflate a tire.

Too much air in a tire could blow up the tire. Too much blood in our body could make our blood vessel broken. It is the same condition though some of hypertension also caused by blockage of blood vessels. This blockage of blood vessels also could be removed with hijama therapy. Just look at this picture:

If 1 cup contains around 30 cc of blood, how about 10 cups? You could do hijama therapy once a week untill your blood pressure is 120. Usually after 3-4 hijama therapy, you will have a normal blood pressure. To stay healthy, you should get hijama therapy once a month or at least once in 3 months.

Of course to stay healthy you cannot depend only on hijama therapy only. But live a healthy life and eat a healthy food.

The picture in top is just a proof that hijama therapy could lower high blood pressure. In just one therapy, the blood pressure drops from 189 / 134 to 143 / 105. Down 46 / 29. The hyper volume of the blood had been decreased by removing some blood and also clogged blood.

That is another case. The blood pressure before Hijama is 193 / 160. After 4 times hijama become 118 / 86. Healthier than before.

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