Java Error: Could not Find or Load Main Class ClassName (Solved)

Java Error

This problem was giving me a headache for days. I have read some guidance and tips, but with no luck until I read it carefully. When I try to compile the Java program, the compilation is successful. But when I try to run it with command:

java ClassName

An error message as follow appear:

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“Variable Name” Cannot be Resolved to a Variable (Solved) in Java Programming

Java variable

When I learn Java Programming online, I have message “Variable Name” Cannot be Resolved to a Variable. I checked my code with my teacher code. It is exactly the same. But I have this error message.

But I try to finish the code, and the error message is disappear by itself… :)

The code is consisted of 2 classes: objectIntro and objectIntroTest. The problem code is in the waterAmount variable. But I keep finish the program, and the error message is disappeared.

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