How to Extract Zip or Rar File in Website Control Panel

Some of website control panel FTP such as Dreamhost do not have extract facility to decompress the compressed file such as zip or rar file. To extract them, just put the PHP script below in the folder in a PHP file and run the PHP file:

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Merek Laptop yang Akan Dibeli

HP Notebook 14-ac001TU Non Windows – Silver (Merchant)
Rp 3,200,000
Intel Celeron N3050 2GB DDR3L 500GB HDD DVDRW VGA Intel HD Graphics Wifi Bluetooth NIC Audio 14″ HD

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Solved PCI Simple Communication Controller on Asus A43E Windows 7 32 Bit


I have the warning PCI Simple Communication Controller on Asus A43E, thank God it’s already solved.

I just go to Asus website and click here:

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Solution to Windows is not Genuine in Windows 7 Fixed (Solved)


If you buy Windows 7 but somehow you get message “Windows is not Genuine in Windows 7”, the solution is:

  1. Click Windows button on the left bottom of your screen
  2. Type cmd
  3. Run cms as an Administrator
  4. Type: slmgr /rearm. In other version such as Windows 8 maybe you could type: slmgr -rearm
  5. Restart your computer

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Java Error: Could not Find or Load Main Class ClassName (Solved)

Java Error

This problem was giving me a headache for days. I have read some guidance and tips, but with no luck until I read it carefully. When I try to compile the Java program, the compilation is successful. But when I try to run it with command:

java ClassName

An error message as follow appear:

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“Variable Name” Cannot be Resolved to a Variable (Solved) in Java Programming

Java variable

When I learn Java Programming online, I have message “Variable Name” Cannot be Resolved to a Variable. I checked my code with my teacher code. It is exactly the same. But I have this error message.

But I try to finish the code, and the error message is disappear by itself… :)

The code is consisted of 2 classes: objectIntro and objectIntroTest. The problem code is in the waterAmount variable. But I keep finish the program, and the error message is disappeared.

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Using Samba in Debian 6.0

To make Debian 6.0 Server files accessible for Windows users, we have to run Samba. I have made file mulai.sh to run the Samba with code as follow:

cd ..
cd etc/init.d
./samba restart


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