WordPress Original Tables


There are the WordPress Original Tables without any plugin nor other addition:

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How to Remove Miner-C Trojan Virus from Your Website


When I open a page in Media-Islam.or.id I found message from Avast:

Threat secured

We’ve safely aborted connection on media-islam.or.id because it was infected with JS:Miner-C[Trj}.

There is Miner-C trojan virus there. Media-Islam is my website, so I open Filezilla and find the files that recently modified there.

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Destroying Malware that Inject PHP Code to Website to Display Uninvited Ads


Several time my website: http://www.media-islam.or.id is down because of PHP scripts are injected to the wordpress files of the website. In 7 days the website after displaying unsolicted ads will be down. I have to delete the Jetpack directory in order to restore the website.

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Privacy Policy

This application needs your permission to access read phone state

Thank God! The Gmail Account is Back!


Thank God! The Gmail Account is Back!

After several weeks  the Gmail Account taken over by the Thief who change the recovery email and HP number, Google give the Gmail  account to the original owner.

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Gmail Account is Taken Over by Hacker


Becarefull if you are using email Gmail Account. Your email can be taken over by hacker easily. The thief then change the phone number and email address for recovery and change the password so we cannot log in.

Of course we can use “Forgot Password” to recover our email and then fill the new password and also change back the phone number and email address for recovery. Alas. But in a minute, the thief also use the “Forgot password” and change the password again so I cannot login. He also changed back the phone number and email address for recovery!

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Program Menghitung Angka Rata-rata dengan C++

Menghitung Program Rata2

Inilah Program Menghitung Angka Rata-rata dengan C++ (Dev C++)


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