Muslim Radicals Abusing Facebook


Some Muslim radicals (ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc) in Indonesia has made some groups such as “Bermanhaj Salaf” ( which has more than 24,000 members. With the group, they reported FB Pages, Groups, and accounts of moderate Muslims to Facebook.

Because of that, dr Joserizal Jurnalis, a famous respected Indonesian doctor activist lost his FB account, while Ms Dina Sulaeman, a political commentator also suspended by facebook. So is my FP Kabar Islam ( and my account is reported to FB though the posting is a common thing. Not spreading hatred or lies.


I suggest for Facebook to give us a chance to appeal before suspending us. Not just because of the number of people that report. We have a 10,000 likes FP, while these Muslims radicals has more than 24,000 members. Just read our post. And read their status. Let’s see who are spreading hatred and lies.

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