Use Yahoo or Bing Instead of Google for Searching Articles / Websites

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Many people using Google as their search engine because they trust Google as the best search engine in the world. That make Google the richest IT company in the world. But now you should rethink again about it.

Google now is not a fair and good search engine anymore. So, use other search engines such as Yahoo, Ask, Aol, etc instead of Google.

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Copy Paste Blogs Appear First in Google While The Original Last

It seems Google have change its searching algorithm. Google downrank the websites/blogs that is not bonafide.

On the otherhand, many Copy Paste Blog such as and appear first in the Google searching while the original blog last.

For example the article “Bukti Tuhan itu Ada”:

This is my article and published on September 6th, 2007. Previously with keyword: bukti tuhan itu ada (without apostrophe) the link appear as number 1. The article has been read more than 64,000 times while the website has been visited more than 3,758,216 times.

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