Hijama Reduce Excessive Blood, Lower the Blood Pressure, Turn Abnormal Blood to Normal


Hijama reduce excessive blood, lower the blood pressure and saving your veins from blown up, turn abnormal blood to normal.
Hijama is good to prevent stroke and hypertension.

People with angina pectoris can feel relieve after getting Hijama Therapy.

Mr. Ade who has bladder cancer, get a general check up. He has a complete blood check. Before Hijama most of the results are abnormal. Either it’s too high or it’s too low. After 4 times intensive hijama once a week, his blood check result almost normal. HB is 16. Only 2 components of Leukocytes are too high. The doctor said because he still has wound. But the urine colour is better. From red blood before hijama to almost normal.

It’s good if you check your blood before intensive hijama once a week and then check the blood again after 4 Hijama therapy. You will know the different

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