Gmail Account is Taken Over by Hacker


Becarefull if you are using email Gmail Account. Your email can be taken over by hacker easily. The thief then change the phone number and email address for recovery and change the password so we cannot log in.

Of course we can use “Forgot Password” to recover our email and then fill the new password and also change back the phone number and email address for recovery. Alas. But in a minute, the thief also use the “Forgot password” and change the password again so I cannot login. He also changed back the phone number and email address for recovery!

I used “The Forgot Password” mor than 3 times. But the thief use it again and again. Now, I cannot login. But the thief can log in.

Actually in some dispute like that, Gmail or Google can decide the first phone number and email recovery as the right one. They are the maker of the Gmail account. Gmail also could use legal document such as ID card and ask the owner of their name and mail address. And give the password or toke to the valid mail address.

Email verification from Google. I have received it more than 3 times. After login for a while, the thieft also login and change the password again and again:


Google Verification Code Dear Google User,
This email address is being used to recover a Google Account. If you initiated the recovery process, it is asking you to enter the numeric verification code that appears below.
If you did not initiate an account recovery process and have a Google Account associated with this email address, it is possible that someone else is trying to access your account. Do not forward or give this code to anyone. Please visit your account’s sign-in & security settings to ensure your account is safe.
Sincerely,The Google Accounts Team


Gmail account is belong to my son: Muhammad Irfan. He use the email to receive assignments or homework from his teacher. My son also has 4 games that linked to the account. Maybe it attracted the thief.

Samsung J5 and J1 is the thief’s device. Not us.

The Gmail account hijacking at least happen since July 13, 2017. Many times I use forgot password and fill the verification code from Google Gmail but no luck:


Gmail only send a Robotic responder and not a human that I can talk to.

Here is a Legal Document to proof Gmail account is belong to my son: Muhammad Irfan

Akte Kelahiran Irfan.jpg

My message to Google / Gmail:

Someone taken over my gmail account. He changed the email and HP number for recovery.Someone taken over my gmail account. He changed the email and HP number for recovery.I have done the recovery more than 3 times and change the password. But he out recovery me. He change the password again and change the HP number and email address for recovery.Google should decide that the oldest email and HP number is the right one.I could give you ID Card and other document to support it


Account help for
We’ve connected you with a support specialist.
Thanks! We’re on it.
We’ll send an update to We usually respond within 3-5 business days. Be sure to check your spam folder in case it goes there.


Password reset requested for your Google Account Password reset requested for your Google Account Hi,We recently received a request to recover the Google Account
If you sent that request, you don’t need to take any action. We’ll investigate your account and respond to you within a few days.
However, if you didn’t make this request, please click on this link to cancel it. The link will expire in 48 hours.
(If you’ve resolved your issue, that’s great! In that case, please feel free to ignore this email.)
Thank you for your patience.
Sincerely,LilyThe Google Accounts Team


I cannot login though I filled the verification code from Google. The Thief already change the HP no and email recovery from into his. The xxx24 and xxx77 is the thieft nomber. Mine is 2175. It’s the Thieft who are signing in Not me. I hope the picture is clear.

Google Thieft

The one who login on now are THIEF. He used Samsung J5 and J1. The Thief use the number: 0858-9015-3624 while mine is 081311227215. He changed the email into


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  1. Dir Sir my gmail account is someone hacked please help me ( this account is someone hacked

  2. Dir Sir my gmail account is someone hacked please help me

  3. Just send message through Twitter to @GMail and @Google and describe the story. You’d better write the story in blog (blogspot / and give the URL

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