The Happy People at a Medical Store

Happy Sales Men

This is one of a dull time at “Sumber Rezeki” Medical Store, at Blok M Square, Jakarta. Usually there are ten or more buyers gathering there to buy medicines. Why many people buy the medicines there?

There are a lot of reasons. First, the Boss and all the employees are very happy. They serve customers with smile and very quick. They follow the Chinese proverb: “Smile if you sell things. If you don’t smile, don’t sell!” The boss is a happy Chinese at the age of 30’s. He puts some wisdom words so the employees and the customers can read.

If we ask what is the good medicine for eczema or other disease, they could show us the right medicines. They have good product knowledge.

The price also cheaper than most pharmacies and also very complete. They are not playing with the price. It’s a fixed price. No bargain. They don’t just sell medicines, but also herbs such as honey, black cumin seed, olive oil, etc.

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