Undangan Diskusi di Yabberz


Tanggal 13 Agustus kemarin saya dapat undangan untuk berdiskusi di Yabberz. Yang mengundang adalah  Mike Horton, CEO of Yabberz. Sepertinya dia tertarik mengundang saya setelah melihat komentar saya di CNN. Ini dia undangannya:

Mike Horton
Hi Agus,
I am the co-founder of Yabberz Inc., because I really like political comments and like to get a pulse on what people are saying. I hope that you get a chance to check it out on http://www.yabberz.com and like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/yabberz. Your smart comments that you write online was what appealed to me about your profile! I hope to learn more about you thru your political views and comments.
Pleasure meeting you.
Warm Regards,
 Mike Horton
CEO of Yabberz

Yah minimal saya bisa menjelaskan Islam itu sesungguhnya dan menjelaskan masalah Palestina kepada orang-orang Barat. Sebab selama ini pandangan mereka amat berat sebelah.

Inilah percakapan kami selengkapnya:

Agus Nizami
Thanks. But mostly my comments are in Indonesian language

Mike Horton
8/13, 4:51am
Hi Agus,
Thanks for letting me know.  Unfortunately most of our commentators read English.

Agus Nizami
It’s OK. If you want to grab the world, you should filter only comment in English Media such as CNN that appears in your Blog
Or you just have to make an English FB Group. You don’t have to make every members of your friend. There are 1.8 billion people speak English. Yet only 0.5 billion use them as primary language. So don’t waste them
E.g. Why the Palestinians are refusing the Cease Fire? Because Israel is blockading Gaza’s air and sea. There is no active airport and seaport in Gaza. So they hardly get foods and medicine. Their economy also dead because Israel take all their natural resources. Imagine if Israel do that to US.

Mike Horton
Hi Agus, Yabberz is more a platform rather than a blog.  Lots of people are talking about the Palestinian/Israel situation.  If you would like a bigger audience for what you are saying Yabberz is a great way to give you the microphone.

Agus Nizami
Yes. It must be more than just a blog. But I don’t know what to call it…  I just make comments in Yabberz? Is that all?

Mike Horton
It is a site mainly focused on commentators.

Agus Nizami
OK, I’ll write there. I hope we can make a better world. But don’t expect any money from me since my bank account only less then USD 500…

Mike Horton
No worries.  It is free.  Although I do have a Kickstarter campaign to help fund raise for the site, but you don’t have to make a pledge.  All I really care about is that your voice gets heard.
Let me know  your handle name and I shall welcome you to the community.

Agus Nizami
OK, if it’s OK, I’ll inform Yabberz to others…
I am from Indonesia. So maybe we have some in common. And there are some differences too. Hope we can see things from a different point of view.

Mike Horton
Yes, getting to know people around the world is what bridges understanding.  So I am excited to know your point of view on Yabberz

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