Use Yahoo or Bing Instead of Google for Searching Articles / Websites

Google 1

Many people using Google as their search engine because they trust Google as the best search engine in the world. That make Google the richest IT company in the world. But now you should rethink again about it.

Google now is not a fair and good search engine anymore. So, use other search engines such as Yahoo, Ask, Aol, etc instead of Google.

Yahoo 2

For example, if we search the key: Media Islam, we will find in the first page in Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. But not in Google, you won’t find it there.

If you search the key word: Bukti Tuhan itu Ada, you will find in the first page in Yahoo, Bing, etc. But not in Google. Even with the specific key word: “Beriman bahwa Tuhan itu ada adalah iman yang paling utama”. You will not find as the original source of the article. Instead, you only get the copy-pasted blogs such as or Not the original website.


So, Google quality is not as good as it used to be…


Just yesterday is number 1 in Google for keyword: media islam. So is in the Yahoo and Bing.
But why now the site is not even in page 5?
Is there some people in Google sabotage my website?

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