Wordads’ Ads Don’t Showed Up

Blank Wordads

Wordads’ ads don’t showed up.
I have received invitation to use wordads and have applied a custom domain infoindonesiakita.com for US$ 18/month.
I have also received approval and wordads tab showed on my wordpress dashboard including the earning tab.
But I don’t see any ads on my website.
It’s just blank unclickable image.
The website has more than 1200 page view / day or 36,000 pageview / month. I believe it could get at least US$ 1 revenue/month. In my blogspot, I could get US$ 15/month with that pageview.
Though my location and blog’s language in Indonesia, but I still get ads from Indonesia.
It’s not working in Wordads.
I hope wordads could fix this thing ASAP.
If wordpress / wordads has sent wordads invitation, please don’t disappoint the invitees.
If the blog is not suitable to use wordads, please don’t send any invitation. I believe WordPress could check the pageview statistics and the language of the blog’s content.

These are Google Adsense’s Ads on my blog http://infozaman.blogspot.com

Google Adsense

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