WordPress Wordads’ Blunder in Earning Money

Google Adsense in Blogspot

Google Adsense in Blogspot

WordPress Wordads’ Blunder

Q: Why do I need a custom domain name?

A: We are unable to provide WordAds for blogs with the default free [example].wordpress.com URL, so you’ll need to either register a new domain name or map an existing domain name to your WordPress.com blog of choice.

Why should anyone must have a custom domain name to earn money via Wordads?

If the custom domain is free is OK. But we should pay US$ 25/year. I want to buy, but my Paypal balance is not enough. I can withdraw money from Paypal, but cannot add fund because I use local bank in Indonesia and don’t have credit card.

I believe many WordPress users face the same problem. Maybe 80% of WordPress users.

Instead of forcing people to have a custom domain, why don’t WordPress let them their free domain now such as blogname.wordpress.com?

If blogspot can let their users do that, why can’t WordPress?

Yes WordPress could earn the money from their users without have to share the revenue. But someday, their potential users will migrate to blogspot or other blog providers to earn the money from the ads.

From my blogspots with 2000 pageview/day, I could earn US$/day. It means I could earn US$ 360/year from 2000 pageview/day blog. My WordPress blogs are higher than that. Around 8000 pageview/day that could earn US$ 1440/year!

From WordPress Statistics:

How many people are reading blogs?

Over 373 million people view more than 11.8 billion pages each month.


Suppose from 11.8 billion pages/month there are 9 billion pageviews/month worth the ads. It means 300 million pageview/day. It cold generate revenue US$ 150,000/day or US$ 4,500,000/month.

So why WP make a US$ 25/year custom domain as a big deal?

The most important is the advertisers can get the right viewer. E.g. computer sellers in US will love that the readers who see their ads are from US also and they are reading a post with the target word “computer” in the article.

WordPress Statistics could show where the readers from. I believe it’s not difficult for WP to do that.

I hope WordPress or Matt Mullenweg could solve the Wordads so we could earn and share together.

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