How to Solve Inode 99999999 Has Illegal Block(s)?

Yesterday (April 20th, 2012) may Debian 5 Linux is crashed. It could not be accessed. When I reboot it, there is a message:
Inode 99999999 Has Illegal Block(s)?
When I run fsck, the message:
Inode 999999 has illegal blocks. Clear(y)?
But when I answered it with Y, the messages show:
Illegal block #99 in Inode 99999 cleared
… until 11 blocks
Too many illegal blocks in inode 9999

After that, the same question show up again and again.
Finally I run:
fsck -y

So the computer answer it with Y automatically then I leave the computer for lunch.
After having lunch, thank God after I reboot it, the computer back to normal.
BTW, it is a sign there is something wrong with your hard disk. So you’d better buy the new one.

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