Remove the Toxins from Your Body with Blood Detox

A 7 year old kid get a Blood Detox Therapy 

Most of our Foods and Drinks today are poisonous because made of chemical things. Artificial or man made. Not natural things from God.

There are chemical or artifical flavours, chemical color for food, and chemical preservatives so the Foods or Drinks that we buy in the Super Market have the same color, the same taste, and could last for years in the store. Artificial taste, color, preservatives, etc. MSG, Aspartame, Pesticides, you name it. The natural foods usually will rot in a week. Foods that don’t rot in a week, usually poisonous because even the bacteria don’t want to eat them.

Even the rice, corn, wheat that we eat today are poisonous because they use chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides. Even rats and other bugs  won’t want to eat them because they are toxic!

Those toxics will broke parts of our body such as liver, kidney, etc. Today, 1 of 10 US people have broken kidney!

If we eat or drink something poisonous, the best thing to get rid of it is removing them out of our body with piss and poops. We have to drink a lot of water and toxic absorbent such as Norit to neutralize the toxin.

Sometimes our blood is full of toxins such as cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, trigliserid, etc. It could cause the blood clog in our veins that will lead to hypertension and heart attack.
Even worse, the kidney could be broken that lead to Kidney Failure.
When we get Kidney Failure, then we have to get the Hemodialysis Treatment.

Hemodialysis Treatment is very expensive and waste a lot of time. Imagine you have to do it 3 times a weak (13 a month). Each session last for 3-5 hours. With big needle, the blood is removed out of your body into a “Cleaning Machine”. Then blood going back to your body again.
If a session cost US$ 100, in a month it could cost US$ 1300.
Remember, the Hemodialysis Treatment is not a cure.

It will be better if we remove the toxins from our blood with Blood Detox so our blood is always clean and healthy. So is our kidney.
Prevention is better than the cure.

Is Blood Detox is painful and Horrible?

The answer is the picture below….

Smile and a Thumb Up for Blood Detox!

What is the good effect of Blood Detox?

For some people, maybe they don’t know the difference.

But for people who have hypertension, head ache, migrain, fatigue or stiff in the neck and shoulder, the Blood Detox will release the tension or pain you have immediately.

What is Blood Detox?

Blood Detox remove about 150 cc of your dirty blood out of your body. A small pen needle will penetrate your skin 0.2 mm depth. Then the blood will be suck out using cupping glasses for about 10 minutes. That’s all.

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