Yahoogroups Bouncing Emails Confusion

Well it seems Yahoogroups has a lot of bouncing emails confusion.

Though the emails’ members are also from, the error still happen.

I found more than 2,000 bouncing members in

That’s quite big since the total members only 5,300.

The funny thing is most of the members using Yahoo email which has a lot of space.

Thus, the members cannot receive email or send email to Yahoogroups including me when I’m bouncing. I get bounced more than 3 times although recently I delete 20,000 messages from my email!

The funny thing is when I try to reactivate my boucing email, Yahoo’s email for reactivation come to “SPAM” folder. Isn’t that funny? Yahoo considers email from Yahoo as spam?

If this problem continue, I’m afraid millions of Yahoogroups members will be bounced and no longer could send and receive email from Yahoogroups. It will bring and end to Yahoogroups eventually.

I hope Yahoo and Yahoogroups could fix the problem.


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