Obama to Iran: “Can We Have Our Spy Drone Back, Please?”

guardianworld Guardian World
Obama to Iran: “Can we have our drone back please?” gu.com/p/343th/tw
Carlos Latuff: HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! U.S. asks Iran to RETURN spy drone!
Garry Shandling: Gee, I hope Iran gives us our stealth drone back, so we can continue using it to spy on them.
Glenn Greenwald: It’s Day 5 of the hostage crisis in Iran: an innocent drone detained by the Persian aggressors and not allowed back home
Thomas Gerhardt: Good News Everyone! #Obama tells #Iran “I want my drone back.” Well, Barry, maybe you shouldn’t send drones illegally into other countries

Anonymous: Obama wants Iran to give back the drone. bit.ly/tdf8Uo One wonders how the US would respond if the tables were turned.

From Yahoo:


Iranian news agencies ridiculed the request on Tuesday as Iranian officials made clear they had no intention of giving back the American drone.
“Obama begs Iran to give him back his toy plane,” proclaimed a headline from Iran’s Fars News Agency Tuesday.

“We are still wondering how he shamelessly asked Tehran to give the US back the stealth drone which had violated the Iranian airspace for espionage,” the news agency wrote, referring to the American president.

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