Kicked Out from Revolution Truth Community Group for Questioning Holocaust?

After questioning Holocaust in RevolutionTruth Community:

Just like Holocaust where 6,000,000 Jews killed by the German.
Meanwhile the Jewish population in Germany is as much as in Britain = 500,000 people.
Yet, though 6 M Jews killed, the Jewish population in German is still around 500,000 people. The same number with one in Britain where there is no holocaust there.
Yet, millions Jews survived to US and other countries.
So, how much the Jewish population really is?
Do you still think that Holocaust number is true?
Don’t you know, there are 54,000,000 million people died at WW2 including the German people.
But how come the story is only focus on Holocaust and the Jews?

There are many strange things in Jewish Holocaust. First the number of 6 million Jewish Victims which is exaggerated. For information, the total Jewish population in Great Britain only 300,000 pe…
I am no longer the member of the group. It seems the moderator is a pro Jews so even the simple question about Holocaust is considered as a crime or violation….
But it’s OK with me since I never ask to join the group at the very first time. There is someone added me to the group.
But it shows that the Jewish lobby exist anywhere. Not only in the US or Europe governments, but also in some people movements.
The Question about Holocaust is important since the Jews in Israel use Holocaust as an excuse to create the new Holocaust on Palestinian People.

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