Islam Solution for Occupy Wall Street and Others

The writing below based on concern on the question by Patrick Kingsley on and many others. Do The Occupy London and also The Occupy Wall Street protesters have any answers, or just protest without any Solution?
So, here is the solution.

Well, though it is Islamic Teaching, but I believe all could practice it since Islam is for all.

The vast lands, fire (oil and gas), and water is COMMON property. They should be enjoyed by all people. Not monopolized by a few MNCs such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and a few of their cronies.

You could see how the Rockefellers have many Giant Oil and Gas companies such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Conoco, Standard, etc that suck-up oil and gas field all over the world and earn trillions of dollars every year while people around their oil fields live in poverty. Is it fair?

Money should be made of real valuable thing such as Gold, Silver, and Copper. In Islam there are Dinar (Gold), Dirham (Silver), and Fulus (Copper/Iron) Money. These money are stable. E.g. the price of a goat from Muhammad’s era until now is 0.5 – 1 Dinar.

The worthless paper money now is printed by The Fed and other Central Banks that is controlled by 2 Families: The Rothschilds and The Rockefellers. They are the Giant Leeches that make the world have giant debt to them and force the people to pay by increasing tax, lower income, and higher prices. They make many people poor and miserable…

That is Islam solution to the world.

You don’t have to be Muslim to practice that since there is no compulsion in religion…
This is the SOLUTION…

Occupy London: my nights with the St Paul’s protesters

The Occupy London protesters have a kitchen, a tech-tent, a library – even a football team. But do they have any answers?

Patrick Kingsley · 20/10/2011 ·–3yDdHfwEWtSeFnmnxufP7aj6FpHfRbau6jTUcQDXz6QMvVdKLY_Mf9lvm4OVa-02sg4fmu2r3jcy4_36ft4nPhnz-JUhc2XXIVZzye-ym9rkZw8620gDoqlqw3Mtk#_=_

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