Debates Over The Death Penalty

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    • Agus Nizami

      Well, I hate murders. The death penalty on cruel murderers and rapers is needed so they cannot kill or rape innocent people. Once I read AI protest Saudi Arabia for beheading 27 criminals in a year. Well the beheading is only for killers an…See More
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    • Eric Jens Andresen You stop cruelty with more cruelty?…no!

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    • Sam Ali

      Ask this question to those who’re raped or the relatives of those whose loved one was murdered by the criminal and they’ll tell you what punishment should be given to these criminals.
      Why don’t you ask the americans why they allowed killing…See More
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    • Agus Nizami By the number above, Saudi Arabia only executes 27 murderers and rapers/year. While in US where almost there is no Death Penalty there are 16,000 murders and 90,000 rapes. It’s proven death penalty could prevent many candidates for murderers and rapers doing their crimes. At least they can no longer kill or rape. It’s not a good rethoric, but it’s a fact.

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    • Agus Nizami AI is to protect killers. Not to protect victims or the future victims…

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    • Eric Jens Andresen DNA evidence has been a blessing for many convicted of rape in the U.S. It turns out that over half of the people tested have been proven innocent of the charge of rape…these are innocent people who could have been executed. The U.S. has convicted children of murder in the past and executed them…of course they were innocent…a LOT of innocent people have been executed in the U.S.

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    • Agus Nizami To identify the real criminals is separate case from the punishment. We cannot mix the identification with punishment. To identify the real criminals at least we have 2 honest witness, proves, and victims. Ain’t 106,000 victims of killers and rapers every year is not enough to execute the death penalty?

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    • Sam Ali Where was the AI when fully armed indian armymen were killing people of all ages including women and girl children daily to suppress their freedom movement last year? These institutions only act as tools of the imperialists to carry out their criminal activities and imperialise weaker countries and rob them of their resources, culture and economy.

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    • Agus Nizami How many more people should be killed or raped by the murderers and rapers?

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    • Agus Nizami Supposed your daughter being raped and your son being killed, what would you say?

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    • Eric Jens Andresen Being held in solitary for the rest of one’s life, if that person is really guilty, when you think about it, IS worse than being executed…it is worse for that person…it is…

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    • Eric Jens Andresen I say that person has lost his soul, so to speak…there are worse things than death…

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    • Sam Ali And what about the person who he has killed? He has made him rest in solitary for eternity.

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    • Agus Nizami

      no. Prisoned for the rest of their life, let’s say 40 years is wasting a lot of money. At least US$ 29,200 for the food (US$ 2/day), US$ 9,600 for the room, and US$ 48,000 for the guard. Total US$ 86,800 for 1 criminals. For 2 million priso…See More
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    • Agus Nizami After all, many people are not afraid of jail any more. In jail they get free food and free room. Even a man rob 1 dollar just to go in jail:​ew?i=f73_1308703529

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    • Eric Jens Andresen

      You are right, but believe it or not, it has become a “for profit” enterprise and even now innocent people are being quickly rammed through the judicial system because it provides money to connected people who are friends with the people who convict them. It has become a racket now. Judges have been uncovered who have accepted “kickbacks” (secret payments) to provide “criminals” to add to these “for profit” prisons…the judicial system is sliding back into rampant corruption.
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    • Agus Nizami Jail has become the Central of Crimes. There a beginner villain could meet senior experience villains from many expertise. Professional killers, pickpocket, bomb specialist, thieves, etc and make organized crimes. Since kept away from women for years, prisons convert guys to gays. Drugs also become a profit business in prison.

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    • Agus Nizami If their father and mother and the surrounding good neighborhoods could not make a criminal to become a good man, I don’t think the tough warden and the criminals friends there could turn him to become a better man…:)

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