Debat Dengan Orang Israel di Facebook

Inilah debat dengan orang Israel di FB. Alot sekali…

Israel Navy Confronts French Flotilla to Gaza

The Israeli Navy made contact Tuesday morning with a French yacht on its way to the Gaza Strip, telling it that it was sailing toward a blockaded area, an Israeli military spokeswoman said.

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    • David Jeremiah Yap. Problem is Lots of innocent collateral Damage on both sides. More on Palestine side now.

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    • Maya Ingeborg This is a clear unprovoked attempt by the activists to harm Israel, all Israel is doing is trying to prevent it, its not doing anything to anyone, there are undisputed facts & then there are issues we may discuss, but sending a flotilla filled w supplies AND activists, and then getting upset when ONLY the activists are not allowed to board is hypocrisy.

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    • Sylvia Austin It’s quite obvious who holds the guns!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Maya Ingeborg If I come to your house wanting to harm u & u wouldn’t allow me to go in u would call me the aggressor Sylvia?…grow up…

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    • David Jeremiah ‎Maya Ingeborg What is your suggestion on HOW to get the supplies of Food and Medicine to the Needy Palestinians ?

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    • Maya Ingeborg If u read the article u posted u see that Israel will allow all the supply to go in the Ashdod which is a port.

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    • Psr Bru But if I am going to your neighbors house it’s none of your business, Maya.

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    • Maya Ingeborg If you’re going to my neighbors house to give my neighbor weapons that will kill me its absolutely my business…

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    • Maya Ingeborg Especially if u lie about it & call it “humanitarian aid”…

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    • David Jeremiah No Aid, No Weapons Found​ines/Article.aspx?id=23007​4

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    • Maya Ingeborg I fu don know that previous flotillas were used to smuggle weapons to be used against Israel hidden in supply then u need to brush up on your facts before u make baseless & ridiculous comments.

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    • Maya Ingeborg ‎”She said the Navy told the Yacht, the Dignitie, that it could transfer the goods it was carrying to the enclave via the Israeli port of Ashdod. quote from your article.

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    • Maya Ingeborg I was reffering to Psr Bru, last comment w the quote was for David.

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    • Robert Mennie unfortunately proper scrutiny of the supplies that are on board are not made public by the mass media … one has to ask why ??? If the United States is the great protector of all … why not protect the Palistinians??? because if the US Navy were to inspect the shipments and escort the shipment to the Gaza .. would that satisfy Isreal??

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    • Sylvia Austin Palestine is NOT israeli house,, it belongs to PALESTINE,,
      perhaps some people haven’t been informed that the israeli have illegally occupied Palestine!

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    • Maya Ingeborg Sylvia if I started asking u few questions u wouldn’t even know the basic history of the region Im sure, maybe someone should teach u how to read, do u even know the meaning of the word Palestine? do u know anything about the borders or wars?

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    • Psr Bru No weapons.

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    • Maya Ingeborg No weapons where??? do u not understand previous ships where used to carry weapons??? its a fact, its documented, theres no arguing facts, Israel will only allow supply, but I guess if u want to incite violence that screws up your plans…

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    • Sylvia Austin i do know the word borders,, and walls, something hitler i believe built, and something israel has replicated in palestine,, genocide, also rings a bell from past history,, hmmm

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    • Sylvia Austin i wonder who is the mad bad guy here??!!!

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    • Robert Mennie in the terms of reference has not Isreal only existed from 1948??

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    • Maya Ingeborg I said wars not walls, and I would try to explain it to you but I think you’re a lost cause so I wont waste my time.

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    • Maya Ingeborg Yes, 1948.

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    • Robert Mennie and before 1948 .. who resided there??

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    • David Jeremiah ‎Maya Ingeborg Have You heard of the James Balfore Declaration of 1917 ?

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    • Maya Ingeborg Of course David.

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    • Maya Ingeborg I have to go, Ill try sending u a short clip, I cant send a link for some reason that explains if in few minutes.

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    • Robert Mennie I applaud your vigorous defense of Isreal .. unfortunately it is not balanced

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    • Maya Ingeborg I apologize, im not dodging a conversation I have to run, sent u a message.

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    • David Jeremiah As far as my research goes, the Present Israel Belongs to Rothschild.

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    • Robert Mennie it was getting warm in the kitchen .. probably best to leave

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    • Sylvia Austin ‎@ Maya , you said borders, i said borders AND WALLS,,
      and, i thank you for calling me a ‘lost cause’,,, personal insults in a general discussion always show the mentality and character of the aggressor.

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    • Matthew Jerabek

      Sylvia your points are valid, giving people food, building materials, and toys is not ever going to be a terrible thing. Basic human needs = food, shelter, clothing etc. The fact ms ingeborg want to bringing guns into the conversation jus…See More
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    • Psr Bru

      I have said before, that according to the “bible”, Abram and his clan took over a piece of Canaan, and claimed that “yahweh” told them to. Ever since then. the children of “Abraham” have been fighting over this piece of land. The last time …See More
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    • Maya Ingeborg

      ‎@ Robert: it wasn’t getting too hot in the kitchen, its called having a life, not all of us are glued to FB 24/7…@ Sylavia: I was actually sincere when I said that I would explain certain things if you’d like, clearly u don’t have to acc…See More
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    • Matthew Jerabek Maya just because some doesn’t agree with your point of view? You want to exclude them? Personally I do carry a gun. However not to supress others, threaten others to exclude them, my reason to defend myself. No one should be denied the right to defend them self.

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    • Maya Ingeborg You should absolutely carry a gun for that purpose, I’ll support u completely. Only Israeli soldiers carry guns and if you were ever there u would see how tired both sides are, and how much we just want to live and let live.

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    • Matthew Jerabek Maya I have no interest in going to the middle east. If it were up to me I would just like to see my usa taxes go to help build usa projects. I have been to Ireland many times, never felt under any threat, the police don’t even carry guns. In my mind it is cultural difference. Depends on those you live around?

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    • Maya Ingeborg Cant blame u about not wanting to go to the middle east & Im against all foreign aid. Taxes should serve America & only America.

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    • Sylvia Austin

      ‎@ Maya- I am told to grow up, then David’s being told to “brush up on your facts before u make baseless & ridiculous comments”
      then i am told that ”some one should teach you how to read”, apart from other insults,,
      and,,,, i am now being ju…See More
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    • Maya Ingeborg

      I actually never said that to David, I was referring to someone else…and theres nothing wrong w forming an opinion abut someone based on the information they CHOOSE to display, feel free to judge me by my choice of photos or anything that…See More
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    • David Jeremiah Once Upon A Time, Jews and Arabs were Friends,​ch?v=ufLAitMq3zI&feature=i​v&annotation_id=annotation​_214712

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    • Sylvia Austin since your comment was below David’s one can assume it was at him,,but regardless of whom it was directed, one shouldn’t throw personal insults at anyone for holding a different view,, especially if one doesn’t know them enough.

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    • Maya Ingeborg

      I saw snipets of it and it has facts mixed w a very biased anti-Israel sentiment at the same time, it reminds me of the Libreals here in the US, and there are many in Israel as well. I have no sympathy for central banks & manipulators as u …See More
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    • Maya Ingeborg Sylvia I get your point, I do think I know facts well enough to argue them, clearly I don’t have monopoly over the truth & Im willing to listen to other opinions. As I said before I think u are very sincere & passionate about what u say, I don’t doubt that for a minute, we just disagree.

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    • Agus Nizami Those people want to go to Gaza/Palestine. Not Israel. So why Israel stop them? If people want to enter Israel and the Palestine stop them, what would you say? Israel blockade the Palestine so they hardly can eat or drink fresh water.

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    • Agus Nizami Just look at the links before you write any comment…

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    • Maya Ingeborg Because in the past thats how weapons were smuggled. If its truly humanitarian aid they were interested in bringing to Gaza then they can still do it via the port in Ashdod, Israel repeated said all humanitarian aid will indeed go to Gaza, the weapons are the problem.

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    • Maya Ingeborg Clicked on the link but FB wouldn’t let me open it, I don’t know whats on it but do u want me to send u links of suicide bombers that killed civilians or beheadings? whats your point?

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    • Agus Nizami Well Israelis have UZI, tanks, jet fighters, and even nuclear bombs. And Israelis have used some of the weapons to Palestinians. Don’t the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves? Just look the brutalities of Israelis in these photos, Maya. Please: http://islammyreligion.wor​​o-of-israel-soldiers%E2%80​%99-brutality/

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    • David Jeremiah ‎Maya Ingeborg How is Food & Medicine Supposed to Reach the Needy in Palestine ? I know there are terrorists but What about the innocent ones ?

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    • Agus Nizami Funny, I can click the links.Or maybe you just don’t want to see the truth? You just want the truth of your own. You could copy and paste the link. Remember, it begins with HTTP and ends with “/”

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    • Maya Ingeborg Agus, I came from Israel, I lived and breathed the situation my entire life, Israel has an army cause its a country, all countries have armies, Palestinians don’t have an army but they have many terrorist organizations that are claiming to fight on their behalf and are doing them a great disservice.

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    • Agus Nizami People in Mavi Marmara ship that attacked by Israel are consist of doctors, journalists, and famous politicians from their countries. I know because some of them from Indonesia and some are my friends…

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    • Maya Ingeborg Just saw your comment Agus and seriously, u think Im afraid to open the link? when i clicked on it it said “insecure server”, It says that about youtube as well. Anyway: all aid has & can go to the Palestinians, why are we arguing facts? theres aid thats been going for years via ships, Israel has absolutely nothing against that.

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    • Maya Ingeborg Theres a time delay, by the time I finish typing there are already 2 messages…I need to type faster…

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    • Maya Ingeborg U know what happened in the last Flotilla, can u blame Israel for not wanting to repeat it?

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    • Agus Nizami Well, my links use The best provider. So why insecure? In 1945 there is only one Country: Palestine. Yet the Israelis with the support of British rob the land from Palestine. Israel is a robber country…. read this: http://islammyreligion.wor​​the-palestinians-fighting-​the-israelis/
      • Maya Ingeborg Didn’t say thees anything wrong w your links, maybe my settings don’t allow me to open it, but Im telling u Im getting the same message from FB.

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      • David Jeremiah WAR Industry benefits some for sure.

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      • Maya Ingeborg Agree completely.

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      • Maya Ingeborg Ive been on FB for too long, time to take a break, good night.

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    saya seorang composer..,
    n tngah mengkampanyekan ini melalui karya saya tntang anak2 palestina di

    fb: Crystal Peace Orchestra

    Mari qt bantu saudara2 qt d palestina.

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