How to Solve “unidentified network, No Internet Access”

The Laptop Sony Vaio with Windows 7 currently have internet connection problem. It cannot connect to the internet with message:
Unidentified Network problem. Unable to connect to internet

Well, I google the solution and find out:

1. Click Start Button
2. Type: ncpa.cpl
3. Right click the Wireless Adapter and choose PROPERTIES
4. Click and highlight the Internet Protocol TCP/IP Version 4 option
5. Click the Properties button
6. Choose “Use the following IP address”
7. Enter the following for the IP address:
8. Enter the following for the Subnet Mask:
9. Enter the following for the Default Gateway:
10. Choose “Use the following DNS servers”
11. Enter the following for the Primary DNS server:
12. Enter the following for the Secondary DNS server:
13. Click OK
14. Click Close
15. Reconnect to the wireless signal

Unfortunately still could not connect.
Then I change the network cable on my Linksys WRT54GL from “Internet Cable” into the LAN Cable.
After I change the cable connection, the problem solved.
I hope this information is useful for you

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