Who is the Biggest Terrorist? Answers to Where Were You on 9/11?

I am a Muslim.
At 9/11, I was in Jakarta. Thousands miles away from US.
I was working to feed my family.
I just knew the event from TVs and mass media.

But suddenly when 9/11 happen, most Christians blaming 1.3 billion Muslims as terrorists for (maybe) hundreds of radical people who did that.

The 9/11 that cause 5000 lives suddenly make Muslims as biggest terrorists topping the Christians who killed 55,000,000 people at World War II and 17,000,000 at World War I.

The Christians (through US and allies troops) killing about 1,000,000 muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan to “revenge” it.

Well, hatred and bigotry make people idiotically generalize 1.3 billion Muslims as terrorists for the work of hundreds radical people.

Look at the biggest terrorists that ever exist. They kill thousands times more people than 9/11 terrorists did!:


US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki city in Japan. The bombs deliberately dropped into civilian area. That’s what the terrorists do!

Look how the buildings and houses including many people in it destroyed to pieces!

The body count of terrorists’ victims:


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