Dude, Obama is Black and White!


Some racists call Obama as Black or Negro.

Some Afro Americans think Obama is not real Black.

Well, Obama is not Black.

Obama also is not White.

Obama is Black and White!

barack2His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr is Black. He is from Kenya.

His mother, Ann Dunham is white from Kansas.

But those Black and White love each other and the result is Barack Obama II.

What can we learn from the lesson?

Black and White don’t have to fight each other. They could love each other too.

Just like Ebony and Ivory in my piano said Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. They are side by side living in harmony.

Black and White TV is fun to watch because it has black and white color and between. You can’t see anything if the color is white or black only.


Well, enough about color!


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