WordPress the Best CMS I know

Well, may be my opinion is very subjective and contradicted with yours. But I just want to share what I have experienced (though I am still a newbie..:)

Previously I used to use Mambo and then Joomla as my CMS. Its features is very complete. It has poll, statistic, ads without additional plugin. Yet I feel Joomla is to heavy and not very practice. To insert image you cannot do it in the text editor. You have to upload it from other section (media). And sometimes the html editor is not WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).

Before you make an article you have to create section and then category. It is not simple isn’t it?

Then I used Drupal just a little bit. I have found nothing to impress me.

After that I use WordPress. It has less features than Joomla, but very light, fast, and SIMPLE! We don’t have to create section, category, or upload images/files from different menu. You could simply do it from the text editor. You could add the new category from the text editor. The category is very flexible. The category you make could have parent or child as many as you wish. If you want to make a good document based on the category, then WordPress is the answer.

You could also upload files (image, pdf, word, ppt, etc) from the text editor and put them into download category.

You could create the Permalink easily. I found that WordPress is a very SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. Many of my articles written in WordPress show up in first page of Google’s (top ten) search. The SEO friendly URL and the subject help a lot.

If you want to try WordPress for free, just click:


Don’t worry if you don’t know PHP or CMS stuff. It is very easy even for a newbie like me.

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